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Dog Tied to Pole With ‘Needs To Be Put Down’ Note Given Another Chance

A dog found tied outside an adoption center in Greenville, South Carolina, has captured hearts this week after his story was shared online.

Greenville Humane Society shared Remy’s story Tuesday after he was found tied to a pole with only a note that read: “She has illnesses I don’t believe are fixable. She needs to be put down as soon as possible.”

Abandoned and alone, staff immediately brought Remy inside to give her food and begin a thorough veterinary evaluation.

After an examination, the shelter’s chief medical director diagnosed Remy with a grade 6 heart murmur. This means that there is a disturbance in blood flow that will require more examination and could mean Remy will need surgery or lifelong medication.

The team also found that Remy was struggling with skin allergies for which she is now receiving specialized food and treatment.

Heart murmurs are estimated to affect around 60 percent of dogs over the age of 5, and signs and symptoms include lethargy, fainting, coughing, gagging, trouble breathing, reduced appetite, and muscle loss. The prognosis for a heart murmur varies, and although it cannot be cured it is a condition that can be managed with the right support.

“Dogs can live a happy and comfortable life with a grade 6 heart murmur, but it can decrease their life span. It’s different for every patient,” Delport said. “She will be visiting Upstate Veterinary Specialist in Greenville to receive an echocardiogram to determine her next course of action.”

The humane society caring for Remy currently has another 95 sick or injured animals in their care. Greenville Humane Society’s Healing Place is dedicated to the care of these animals, but Delport explained: “We’ve had more sick and injured animals in our care recently than we have the funds for.”

“We want Remy, and every animal in our care, to have a happy and prosperous life,” said Delport: “It takes time, money, resources, and a lot of love but we will never give up on them. We want every animal to leave our facility better than how they came in.”

As the team at Greenville Humane Society continues to shower Remy with love and care, they have appealed for support to help pay for her treatment and veterinary bills.

“If the public is interested in giving to Remy’s medical care, or the other animals in our Healing Place, we would love for them to consider a donation to our Hope Fund via our website.”